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Virtual Consultations – Why, If, and How

by Katenna Jones

For eight years, I worked remotely from a home office for organizations that were in different time zones. Perhaps that is why virtual consultations came so naturally to me. However, if you are not used to spending 30 to 40 hours a week online, the concept may be somewhat daunting. My goal herein is to provide some guidance to get you thinking about if and how you might add virtual consults to your list of behavioral services, which can be appropriate for any species, from dog to cat, from horse to parrot, and from pig to bunny.

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Within Reach: The Business of Animal Behavior in the 21st Century Marketplace

by Kim Brophey

You love your job. You wake up every day with a passion for working with animals and their people, for making the world a slightly better place one case at a time. You shed light on challenging situations between humans and their critter companions and place valuable solutions in the hands of those who desperately need them.

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Publishing for the Internet

by Eric Brad

So you have taken the time to sit down and carefully write out your thoughts on dogs, training, behaviour, management, or some combination thereof. Now what?  Publishing your writing on the Internet seems like a simple problem to solve. There are just so many options. In fact, there are perhaps too many options.

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