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Cat Training: “But it’s so difficult!”

by Jacqueline Munera

I have never understood the difficulty that some people have training cats. I find them intelligent, interested and engaged when I work with them, so I assume it should be the same for other trainers…

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An Interview with Sarah Ellis, Author of “The Trainable Cat”

Patience Fisher discusses Dr. Ellis’ research and new book with her, uncovering additional details and insights on how to train a cat.

Sarah Ellis’ life of research, consulting, and educating people about cats has been focused on undoing the decades-long acceptance of many unhealthy behaviors we see in our cats. As Sarah pointed out to me, cats’ behavioral responses to the fear of and discomfort with the life we have thrust upon them has for too long been accepted as cats being cats.

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Case Study: Cat Attacking Dog

by Emily Strong

Smudge was found by his owner in a box full of kittens of mixed ages, which had been left in front of the Petco where she worked at the time. He was approximately 6 weeks old at the time of abandonment. The client adopted him and brought him home, slowly integrating him into the house with her two dogs over the course of a few weeks.

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