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Lives of Streeties: A study on the activity budget of free-ranging dogs

by Sindhoor Pangal

Lives of Streeties is an ongoing study that I am conducting on the street dogs of Bangalore, India. Streeties is a term of endearment that Bangaloreans use to refer to the dogs that roam free on the streets of the city. I spent most of 2015 flying back and forth from India to the US (that’s more than a 24hr long flight most times and once my layover alone was 22 hrs!).

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Good Intentions Are Not Always Enough

by Aubrey Williams

I sat on the grassy hillside near a field, running the leash through my hands, trying to catch my breath in the fresh air. Feeling alone, frustrated, and lost, I had attempted unsuccessfully to run away from the hurt until my legs gave out and my heart pounded in my ears.

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Attachment Scales as a Tool for Behavior Consultants

by Melissa McMath Hatfield

Human-dog interactions have many of the same components of human-human interactions: They amount to a relationship based on trust with mutual physical, psychological, and social benefits. The history-taking part of a consultation isn’t just about finding out what the antecedents and consequences of a specific challenging behavior might be, it’s also your chance to find out about how your clients feel about, and relate to, their dog.

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The Importance of Tracking Changes in Dog Behaviour

by Blanche Axton

Over the many years of dog ownership, I have developed an extensive system of tracking behaviours in an effort to monitor progress (or the lack thereof) in the various interventions I try with my dogs. I believe these are vital…

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Obesity in Dogs

by Jess Elliot

Oh, how I dread the sight of an obese dog. I feel bad for the dog and have the usual quick scroll of all the medical complications run through my head, but I also wince in anticipation of the upcoming discussion with the client about their dog’s weight. The range of responses includes just flat-out astonishment (the thought that their cinderblock-backed dog is overweight has really and truly not crossed their mind) to a litany of excuses to an outright defensive hostility.

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Multisensory Enrichment for Shelter Dogs

by Mik Moeller

I have worked in the animal industry for over 18 years. I currently work at the Arizona Humane Society, where my original title was canine welfare specialist. My role is to provide mental and physical stimulation to the dogs in our care. We get a lot of medically challenged dogs, as well as hoarding cases.

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Case Study: Cat Attacking Dog

by Emily Strong

Smudge was found by his owner in a box full of kittens of mixed ages, which had been left in front of the Petco where she worked at the time. He was approximately 6 weeks old at the time of abandonment. The client adopted him and brought him home, slowly integrating him into the house with her two dogs over the course of a few weeks.

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