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Group Living for Equines

by Lindsy Murray

In this video, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant Lindsy Murray promotes the concept of group living for equines. This is Lindsy’s herd of horses that have lived together for over 20 years. The majority of the horses and ponies were taken on as rescues in need of care and rehabilitation. Providing an environment where horses can form strong bonds and fulfill the ultimate equine priority of feeling safe has been a predominant factor in restoring their overall wellbeing.

Why promote group living?

Horses are prey animals, and group living has always been an effective strategy for survival. In the U.K., many horses are kept independently in separate paddocks and stabled or stalled for many hours a day.

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Relapse of Conditioned Fear in Horses: The Four R’s

by Robin Foster

My 18-year-old thoroughbred is a warrior in most respects. He barely flicks an ear at a motorcycle speeding past as we cross the road; he nods politely and winks at a large coyote standing at the trail’s edge (in truth, the wink may just be a tic in his bum right eye); and he grazes without pause as a giant red cedar is felled in the adjacent field.

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