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The Clinical Animal Behavioral Gold Standard

by Myrna Milani, DVM

In the 1940s E. R. Guthrie and G. P. Horton designed an experiment to test feline problem-solving ability using a test box and cats that met the scientific standard. In the experiment, they placed individual cats inside a test box, outside of which they placed a food reward. To reach the food reward, the cats had to determine how to open the door to the box.

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Spotlight on Research: Rabbits in Shelters

by the IAABC Editing Team

According to the House Rabbit Society, rabbits are the third most commonly surrendered pets in the United States. Rabbits have also been steadily gaining in popularity as indoor pets in many parts of the world, with an estimated one million pet rabbits in the United Kingdom alone. Although a quarter of pet rabbits are estimated to be adopted, there is a lack of research into how shelters and rescues can optimize the intake and adoptions process for rabbits:

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Lives of Streeties: A study on the activity budget of free-ranging dogs

by Sindhoor Pangal

Lives of Streeties is an ongoing study that I am conducting on the street dogs of Bangalore, India. Streeties is a term of endearment that Bangaloreans use to refer to the dogs that roam free on the streets of the city. I spent most of 2015 flying back and forth from India to the US (that’s more than a 24hr long flight most times and once my layover alone was 22 hrs!).

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Stats Trek III: What is Normal, Anyway?

by Jessica Fry

This is the third installment of our Stats Trek series, where we talk about all things data! In the current series, we systematically dissect a paper from the scientific literature and discuss some of the things that we should consider when reading primary literature (i.e., peer-reviewed scientific articles that present original data from an experiment). Like all worthwhile skills, this takes practice!

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Pawsimony: He’s Just Not That Into You

by Jesse Miller

One of the precious few things the Internet could agree on in 2016 was that capybara are awesome. The giant South American rodents supplanted 2015’s darling, the three-toed sloth, as Esoteric Animal of the Year, as videos of them chilling with ducks, eating various vegetables, and generally being adorable popped up on our feed.

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